PLASMA Cutting Machines – Superior Plasma 90 HF

Technical Characteristics
Code : 815518
Mains Voltage (V) 50/60Hz : 400 3ph
Current Range: 20 ÷ 90
Max. No Load Voltage (V) : 480
Power (kW) : 12
Max. Cutting Thickness (mm) : 30
Air Capacity )L/min) : 200
Air Pressure (bar) : 4 ÷ 5
Products Dimension mm (L,W,H) : 505 x 250 x 430
Weight (kg) : 30

HF Striking
The pilot arc is striken thanks to a sparkle which is delievered by a particular circuit. This sends a high frequence and a high intensive impulse. Less wear of hte internal parts of the torch
Contact Striking
A particular kind of torch with mobile electrode, pushed by the gas, detaches itself from the nozzle and the sparkle generates the pilot arc. More wear of the torch internal parts, lesser electromagnetic disturbances.

Plasma Cutting Vs Oxiacetilenic Cutting
*Cutting of conductive materials even if painted, rusted or treaded on the surface
*Higher cutting rate
*Better cutting and no distortion
*Absence of inflammable gas (use of compressed air)