Telwin Automatic Batteries Chargers – Doctor Charger 50
Technical Characteristics
Code : 807586
Charge : Yes
Start : Yes
Main Voltage (V50/60Hz) : 230 1ph
Power (W) : 600
Charge/ Starter Voltage (V) :  6 – 12 – 24
Charge Current (A) : 45 – 45 – 23
Rated Charger Current (A) : 40 – 40 – 20
Starting Peak Current (A) : 70
Rated Reference Capacity Ah 15h : 10 – 600
Product’s Dimension mm (L,W,H) : 330 x 100 x 160
Weight (kg) : 3.8

The innovative Power Stream inverter technology guarantees better performance, up to 50% more than traditional battery chargers, tahnks to more effective and complete control of the charging process, to notably faster charging times and maintenance of the optimal battery conditions, which guarantee a longer working life.

Electronic BATTERY MANAGER for total maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, SPIRAL, START-STOP batteries at 6 / 12 / 24V and for support activities when intervening on vehicles in workshops, repair shops and car dealer premises.
The innovative Power Stream technology guarantees better performance, up to 50% more than traditional battery chargers. The Pulse Tronic Technology guarantees optimal battery charging over 8 phases.

Doctor Charge series carries out 5 functions :
1. automatic charge and maintenance of batteries with PULSE TRONIC technology even in difficult environmental conditions (low temperature) ;
2. battery tests such as voltage at terminals, starting capacity (CCA) and operational check of the vehicle alternator ;
3. recovery of sulphated or very discharged batteries, and recovery of optimal operation with periodic regeneration ;
4. stable power supply source for battery changes (to protect the on-board electronics) , for diagnostic activities (operation cheecks carried out on the vehicles), for keeping the batteries of display vehicles in showrooms operational;
5. vehicles start aid.
Based on the SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) Technology. In case of black-outs or repetitive uses Doctor Charge series can set itself at the last settings carried out, furthermore the cables can be calibrated according to their type (different lengths and/ or sections). Many protections available. Fit with PFC device.