EMT MH-5 Motorized Trolley Type Electric Chain Hoist – MHE5030
Technical Characteristic
Item No. :MHE5030
Rated load (ton) : 3
Lift (m) : 6.0
Traversing speed (m/min) : 50Hz 20 / 60Hz 24
Rating (min) : 30
I-Beam Flange width b (mm) : 100, 125, 150
Minimum radius for curve 9m : 1.5
Head room (mm) : 805
Net weight (kg) : 172
In addition to hoisting and lowering. Model EMT – MH-5 (1-speed trolley) can transport heavy loads swifty with great efficiency and complete safety. 0.5 ton to 7.5 ton trolleys can be adjusted to fit the different beam sizes in the table by simple relocation of the spacing washers to the inside or to the outside of the frame. The drop-forget steel; trolley wheels are heat-treated and have precision bearings to provide smooth and easy tavel.