ECE4 Motorized Troller Type Electric Chain Hoist – ECE40025
Technical Characteristics
Item No. : ECE40025
Rated load (ton) : 0.25
Lift (m) : 6.0
Traversing speed (m/min) : 50Hz 10 / 60Hz 12
Rating (min) : 30
I-Beam Flange width b (mm) : 75, 100, 125
Minimum radius for curve 9m : 1.0
Head room (mm) : 495
Net weight (kg) : 66
Model EC4 Electric chain hoist are also available direct-coupled to motorized, geared or plain trolleys with mechanical joining devices. All of trolleys are adjustable and will suit the beam widths listed in tables. Trolleys for the wide and narrow beam are also available at moderate extra charges.