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Bezos hired a SpaceX vice president to run Amazon’s satellite internet project after Musk fired him

  • Former SpaceX vice president of satellites Rajeev Badyal and couple members of his team are now leading Amazon’s Project Kuiper, people say.
  • Badyal previously ran the “Starlink” division at SpaceX, which launched its first two test satellites last year.
  • It is apparent that SpaceX has continued to evolve Starlink in the 10 months since Badyal left.

Amazon’s satellite internet plan is increasingly looking like the one Elon Musk has at SpaceX, with thousands of spacecraft that are compact in size. Among the reasons for the similarities, people tell CNBC, is that Jeff Bezos has hired some of Musk’s previous senior management.

Former SpaceX vice president of satellites Rajeev Badyal and a couple members of his team are now leading Amazon’s Project Kuiper, people familiar with the situation told CNBC.

Project Kuiper represents Bezos’ plan to launch 3,236 small satellites into space to provide high-speed internet to anywhere in the world. The plan puts Amazon in the middle of a race among at least five other companies aiming to launch next-generation satellite networks with global broadband coverage.

Badyal previously ran the “Starlink” division at SpaceX, which launched its first two test satellites last year. SpaceX initially planned for the network to consist of a similar constellation of 4,425 satellites in low Earth orbit. Late last year, the FCC approved an addition of 7,518 satellites to the constellation, bringing Starlink’s planned total to 11,943 satellites in orbit.

Amazon has yet to announce where the satellites will be manufactured and given the time it typically takes to get regulatory approval for similar networks, it appears Bezos’ project is at least two or three years behind Musk. Badyal’s hiring then is a move to bring in talent with the experience of developing this type of satellite internet network.

SpaceX said on Friday the company expects the first full mission of Starlink satellites to launch no earlier than May.

Musk fired Badyal in June, one of the people said, confirming reportslast year that the SpaceX CEO had become frustrated with the pace of Starlink’s development. That was about four months after the launch of the first two Starlink test satellites. According to FCC documents, Starlink will become operational once at least 800 satellites are deployed.

Continue to read full article at : https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/07/amazon-hired-former-spacex-management-for-bezos-satellite-internet.html

Bezos hired a SpaceX vice president to run Amazon’s satellite internet project after Musk fired him2019-04-08T08:24:22+08:00

Whatsapp’s Controversial Push for Adverts Soon in 2019

It is now a new year and it seems change is upon us sooner than we thought. The world’s most popular online messaging app is preparing to roll out advertisements in Whatsapp Status – a feature similar to Instagram or Facebook stories where user can post text, photos, videos or gifs that disappear after 24 hours.

This decision goes against promises made by original founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2012 – that was before Facebook acquired the app in 2014. Ads appearing in the Status feature will be similar to ads in Instagram Stories – however, with Whatsapp’s end-to-end encryption, it means that both Whatsapp and Facebook are unable to read your messages. This will be the challenge in terms of pushing targeted ads for its users.

A recent Forbes interview with Brian Acton might give us some insight into this.

In the interview, Acton said that Facebook managers did question and “probe” for methods to offer analytical data to businesses on Whatsapp users in an encrypted environment.

Acton also said during the interview, “Targeted advertising is what makes me unhappy”, adding that Whatsapp’s motto had been “No ads, no games, no gimmicks”.

A clear contrast from Facebook that obtain a mass majority of its revenue from advertising.

However, Acton expressed some regret, saying “I sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit. I made a choice and a compromise. And I live with that every day.” and continue to comment on Facebook that “They are businesspeople, they are good businesspeople. They just represent a set of business practices, principles and ethics, and policies that I don’t necessarily agree with.”

It is still unclear as to how Whatsapp will collect data on their users – but with parent company Facebook’s determination to push for advertising and their extensive data mining, we will certainly find out in the not-so distant future.

Whatsapp’s Controversial Push for Adverts Soon in 20192019-01-02T19:52:20+08:00

Google Maps now has a messaging function!

Android users can now use the brand new messaging feature on Google Maps. No, it won’t be used to message other users on the road so you can forget trying to send an IM to that person in the car next to you. Rather, the feature is for users to directly message a business. So far, there has been no word on when this update will be released on iOS.

Clearly this feature is intended to be for users to be able to connect directly with store owners and local businesses to get more information about their services. No more trying out listed numbers on Google and getting a blocked or wrong number. It’s a pretty neat feature and could have saved me the wasted trip to this brunch place that I thought was open on New Year’s Day because they didn’t bother updating their website. Will you be using this feature? Get updated with the latest apps and updates on TechNave.com!


Article from : https://technave.com/gadget/Google-Maps-now-has-a-messaging-function-13378.html

Google Maps now has a messaging function!2019-01-02T19:49:01+08:00

5 reasons you should get the new 2018 MacBook Air instead of the MacBook Pro


To the delight of MacBook Air fans, Apple finally released a new MacBook Air with updated specs, features, and a new design in 2018.

There was some unforeseen rain that hit the MacBook Air parade when the laptop’s $1,200 price tag was announced. The original model cost $1,000, which was one of its main draws.

With that said, there are still some very good reasons to consider the MacBook Air over the MacBook Pro. Since the MacBook Air has a 13-inch display, I’m mostly comparing it with the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Air is ever so slightly lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

The new MacBook Air weighs in at 2.75 pounds, which is slightly lighter than the original MacBook Air’s 2.9 pounds. Compare that with the 3-pound 13-inch MacBook Pro, and you have yourself a lighter laptop! It’s not a massively significant difference, but lighter is better for many computer users out there.

The MacBook Air has better battery life than the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

According to the spec sheets, the new MacBook Air can last for up to 12 hours of web browsing, while the MacBook Pro can last up to 10 hours.

It’s thinner overall than the 13-inch MacBook Pro.


Actually, believe it or not, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is 0.02-inch thinner than the new MacBook Air at both laptops’ thickest points. With that said, the MacBook Air tapers down to an extremely thin 0.16 inches at its thinnest points, whereas the MacBook Pro maintains its thickness throughout its design.

All of the new MacBook Air models have Touch ID, whereas only the more expensive models of the 13-inch MacBook Pro models have it.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

I can’t express enough how great it is to use your fingerprint compared to typing in a password to unlock your laptop. It’s a concept similar to unlocking your phone with Touch ID or Face ID versus using a PIN code to unlock your phone.

Using a PIN code back in the day before fingerprint sensors was such an obstacle that I didn’t ever use one, which is a bad idea when it comes to device security. Now, I can secure my smartphone and my laptop with my fingerprints, which is way more practical.

The new MacBook Air is cheaper than any MacBook Pro.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

The new $1,200 (RM4,966) MacBook Air is $100 (RM496) cheaper than the cheapest MacBook Pro.

It’s not a huge difference, but cheaper is cheaper, right? Plus, you’re not getting much of a performance hit with the slightly less powerful chip turning the wheels inside the MacBook Air.

5 reasons you should get the new 2018 MacBook Air instead of the MacBook Pro2019-01-02T11:44:41+08:00

Louis Vuitton’s smartwatch reportedly getting a new processor

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon smartwatch, seen here, looks set to get a major upgrade for 2019. — AFP Relaxnews

The next generation of Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Horizon smartwatch is set to feature Qualcomm’s newest wearable chipset, the Snapdragon Wear 3100, according to a media report.

Sure, you can benefit from Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 3100 with Fossil’s Sport smartwatch for US$255 (RM1,054). You can even amp up with luxury casing with the Montblanc Summit 2 device for just US$995 (RM4,112). If you’re looking for something really special though, you can have your biometrics tracked and tell time with next generation of the US$2,490+ (RM10,291+) Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon, according to Engadget.

Over 2018, this luxury model has seen a variety of cosmetic upgrades – primarily new watch faces – but 2019 will bring a technologically new era of LV smartwatches; the second generation Tambour Horizon will be arriving with an industry-leading processor which boasts better battery life and a sleek new ambient mode. Additionally, the company will be giving the new model a better screen with higher definition, and the display will come with a 24-hour ring.

Naturally, this new model will arrive in new designs and colours, including a white ceramic option, but no price tag or release date have been revealed yet. With the first model putting owners back US$2,490, the 2019 model is expected to go up from there. – AFP Relaxnews

Article from : https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2019/01/01/louis-vuittons-smartwatch-reportedly-getting-a-new-processor

Louis Vuitton’s smartwatch reportedly getting a new processor2019-01-02T11:38:33+08:00

Whatsapp will be blocked on these phones from TODAY

A popular messaging app will no longer be available on certain phones from today (January 1).

The Series 40 operating system runs on a number of devices and will no longer be supported by the app this year.

Phones that run on the S40 OS range from more mainstream devices like the Nokia 6300, to the Vertu Signature S – which was around £8,000 when it was launched more than 10 years ago.

The change is likely to have a considerable impact on older users who keep a phone for talking to family but who aren’t big smartphone users, to families with low-incomes, The Mirror reported.

The phone last produced with the S40 was the Nokia 515 which was released in 2013.

Some time ago WhatsApp prevented these devices from registering with the service.


Phones that already had installed and verified their account could carry on accessing the service until yesterday but will no longer be able to connect from today.

WhatsApp says the following phones will be affected:

  • Nokia 206 Single SIM and dual SIM models
  • Nokia 208
  • Nokia 301 Single SIM and dual SIM Chat Edition
  • Nokia 515 Preinstalled WhatsApp New
  • Nokia Asha 201
  • Nokia Asha 205 Chat Edition
  • Nokia Asha 210
  • Nokia Asha 230 Single SIM and dual SIM models
  • Nokia Asha 300
  • Nokia Asha 302
  • Nokia Asha 303
  • Nokia Asha 305
  • Nokia Asha 306
  • Nokia Asha 308
  • Nokia Asha 309
  • Nokia Asha 310
  • Nokia Asha 311
  • Nokia Asha 500
  • Nokia Asha 501
  • Nokia Asha 502
  • Nokia Asha 503
  • Nokia C3-00
  • Nokia C3-01
  • Nokia X2-00
  • Nokia X2-01
  • Nokia X3-02
  • Nokia X3-02.5

Article from : https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/whatsapp-iphone-nokia-samsung-android-15616244

Whatsapp will be blocked on these phones from TODAY2019-01-02T11:33:23+08:00

Lawsuit Targets Nvidia for ‘False Statements’ on Crypto Mining Revenue

A class action lawsuit has been filed against tech giant Nvidia, with the plaintiffs accusing the company of making misleading statements about how it can help mitigate the effects of the reduced demand from the cryptocurrency market.

The suit was filed by the Schall Law Firm, who specializes in shareholder rights litigation and securities-related class action lawsuits. Last year, the cryptocurrency market was in a prolonged, with the prices of mining rigs and PC Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) reaching astronomical levels.

Mining rigs were in high demand and were sold at high prices, with everyone, from random purchasers of rigs to large companies snapping them up. This led to shortages of rigs, leaving manufacturers like AMD and Nvidia with no option but to increase their production to help meet up with the increased demand.


Nvidia was accused of assuring investors that they will absorb the effects of a reduction in the demand for mining rigs by crypto miners with strong demand by institutional gamers.

However, when the crypto market came crashing down, demand for mining rigs plummeted and prices for the hardware sank. The reduction in demand left manufacturers like Nvidia with large inventories collecting dust. To unload the rigs manufacturers began to flood the market dropping prices even lower in a bid to recoup their investment.

With its oversupply, Nvidia saw rounds of losses in the stock market, and by December 21, the company was the worst performer on the S&P 500, after it experienced a massive sell-off of its shares that dropped its stock price by 54 percent.  According to the lawsuit, which was filed on December 24, Nvidia claimed to be “masters at managing their production channel,” while also stating that they will be able to ensure proper monitoring of activities in the crypto market.

Nvidia was also accused of assuring investors that they will absorb the effects of a reduced demand for mining rigs by crypto miners with the strong demand in the game industry.

The claim further reads:

“Based on these facts, the Company’s public statements were false and materially misleading throughout the class period. When the market learned the truth about NVIDIA, investors suffered damages.”

According to the release, the case has not yet been certified, and potential plaintiffs won’t be given any representation until this certification is secured. For now, the Schall Law Firm is encouraging investors who bought shares from Nvidia between August 10, 2017, and November 15, 2018, to get in touch with them before January 19, 2019.

Images from Shutterstock.

Article from : https://www.ccn.com/lawsuit-targets-nvidia-for-false-statements-on-crypto-mining-revenue/

Lawsuit Targets Nvidia for ‘False Statements’ on Crypto Mining Revenue2019-01-02T11:29:56+08:00

Google Chrome Dark Mode Confirmed For Windows 10 To Channel Your Inner Darth Vader

Google is starting to see the light (darkness?) in offering users a dark mode option for some of its products and services, such as Android and YouTube. Some people find dark themes to simply be less straining on the eyes. If you’re one of them and you own a Windows 10 PC, we have good news—a dark mode option is being added to Google’s Chrome browser.
Confirmation of this comes from Chrome developer Peter Kasting, who in May of last year submitted a bug report related to having a dark mode.
“Windows 10 allows users to set their apps to ‘light’ or ‘dark’ mode. Chrome should respect this. The most obvious hack is to use the default incognito color scheme in normal mode (as well as incognito) if the system is in dark mode. Long term, we should perhaps have a better answer. This has been a popular external request for some time,” Kasting wrote at the time.
Fast forward to now and Kasting confirmed in a Reddit thread that “native dark mode is in progress” on the desktop. He doesn’t know if the same is true on mobile, as Google employs different teams for its desktop and mobile Chrome builds, but a native dark theme is in fact headed for Windows 10.
This is a smart move for Google, especially since it already announced plans to bring a dark mode option in Chrome for macOS Mojave. That’s expected to be available in early 2019, perhaps with the Chrome 73 release. As for enabling dark mode in Chrome on Windows 10 PCs, no timeline has been shared.

Article source : https://hothardware.com/news/google-chrome-dark-mode-confirmed-windows-10

Google Chrome Dark Mode Confirmed For Windows 10 To Channel Your Inner Darth Vader2019-01-02T08:42:43+08:00

Install VMware Tools on CentOS 7 – The Easy and Quick Way

It’s seemingly easy to install VMware Tools especially on Linux. In reality, it can take hours to get it installed correctly for the first time. The KB article on VMware site is unnecessarily complicated, and could be a source of confusion.

Here is one line to get your Open VMware Tools installed on CentOS 7.

Time to learn how to “Google” and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure

# yum install -y open-vm-tools

Once it’s installed, you should able to see the file:
# ls /usr/bin/vmtoolsd
After this is done, you won’t see it running from the vSphere Web Client. To get it running, you can simply reboot the virtual machine
# reboot

Resetting the virtual machine will also do the job.

Notice, the above command has been tested on multiple CentOS 7 minimal install. It should also works for earlier version 6. If not working for you, please leave a comment.

Install VMware Tools on CentOS 7 – The Easy and Quick Way2019-01-01T15:03:54+08:00

Top Five PC Hardware Launches To Watch Out For In 2019

You certainly can’t claim that 2018 was a dull year for PC hardware. Every area saw fantastic new products from motherboards and SSDs to the on-going processor war with Intel and AMD as well as Nvidia’s controversial RTX series graphics cards. Thankfully, 2019 is shaping up to be just as gripping and here are my top five PC hardware launches you should watch out for in 2019, with a generous helping of leaks and rumors on the side of course.

AMD 3rd generation Ryzen/Threadripper (Zen 2) processors

Undoubtedly the most anticipated launch of 2019 and for very good reasons; AMD’s third move in the processor war is also it’s most important as it launches its 7nm Zen 2 architecture, the performance of which will dictate how the CPU war between it an Intel will play out over the next few years. Higher core counts are certainly on the cards, with the latest rumors of the so-called 3000-series pointing at up to 16 cores on its mainstream Ryzen range.

AMD’s Zen 2 CPUs could have up to 16 cores in 2019 – AMD

However, there are high expectations for increased frequencies and increased IPC (instructions per cycle) than 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs as these are both areas where Intel currently enjoys advantages, particularly in the former. This would enable AMD to close the gap in areas such as gaming and lightly-threaded workloads and with Intel already on the back foot when it comes to value thanks to great CPUs such as the Ryzen 7 2700X, any improvements here for AMD could see the market swing dramatically in its favor.

In my opinion, it needs to increase core counts, frequencies and IPC to stay competitive and to maintain the pressure on Intel as well as drive Ryzen forwards. For this reason, Zen 2 is probably the most important architecture of any Ryzen processor as it will reveal not just how competitive AMD will be in 2019, but how Zen will fare in 2020 and beyond. What is fairly certain is that the new CPUs will be backward-compatible with older AM4 motherboards, which is great news if you already own an X370 or X470 board.

The AMD Ryzen 7 2700X offers sizeable gains over the Ryzen 7 1800X – what will the 3000-series offer? – ANTONY LEATHER

Release date: There’s no official launch date, but the word is that we’ll hear some concrete details on the Ryzen 3000-series at CES in the second week of January, with a full launch in the first half of 2019.

AMD X570 chipset

With AMD’s X470 chipset having landed in early 2018 and with a brand new range of 7nm Zen 2 processors on the horizon, the rumor mill has already started to turn as to what we’ll see in terms of chipsets for the Ryzen 3000-series. We’ve even seen some leaked slides that supposedly show an X570 chipset, but it doesn’t take a genius to predict that we’ll likely see a new range of motherboards using new chipsets that are launched at the same time.

X470 chipset motherboards offered slim benefits compared to previous models, but were more refined – ANTONY LEATHER

There haven’t been too many new features introduced in the past between chipsets, with the biggest improvements coming from the physical designs of the motherboards themselves – better cooling and memory compatibility for example. Otherwise, the main difference between X370 and X470 was StoreMI support – not a feature that would warrant an upgrade for most people. However, one rumor points at X570 supporting PCI-E 4.0, which would make it the first desktop chipset to do so. This would offer twice the bandwidth of PCI-E 3.0, although few, if any PCI-E devices get close to pushing PCI-E 3.0 to its limits so its real-world use is maybe somewhat limited at this point.

Release date: The X570 chipset will probably be announced at the same time as 3rd generation Ryzen and will be launched at the same time, which is early 2019.

AMD Navi graphics cards

AMD hasn’t had an easy time with desktop graphics in the last 12 months. It’s RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 graphics cards were competitive – the former especially so – but the cryptocurrency mining craze saw stocks of both them and the equally-good RX 580 dwindle to non-existent levels. At the very least you’d be looking at spending unreasonable amounts, but with prices now easing and the new RX 590 proving to be a decent choice against an aging Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, any moves from AMD on the graphics front will be very welcome.

AMD’s recent graphics cards have been popular with miners hoping to cash in on the cryptocurrency craze – ANTONY LEATHER

Thankfully, that’s exactly what the company has in store with its long-awaited Navi 7nm GPUs expected in early 2019. Details are still sketchy, but the latest rumors point at mid-range competition for Nvidia’s RTX 2070, RTX 2060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 in the form of the Radeon RX 3080, 2070 and 3060, with very competitive pricing. With Nvidia’s RTX series proving quite pricey and older Pascal-based cards slowly disappearing from shelves, both AMD and Nvidia seem to be gearing up for major GPU launches in 2019.

Release date: The word is that Navi details will be announced at the CES trade show in Las Vegas next week with availability in 2019, perhaps in the first half, although some reports point at 2020 for the flagship RX 3080.

Intel 10nm Sunny Cove Processors

Sunny Cover CPUs will also see Intel’s first steps towards Foveros 3D chip stacking – INTEL

The recent Intel architecture day revealed a new direction for Intel as well as the apparent side-lining of the long-delayed Cannon Lake 10nm architecture. Instead, Intel renewed its 10nm plans and offered a new timeline of a 2019 for the launch of Sunny Cove – its new 10nm architecture. What this means for previous rumors of a 10-core desktop CPU to do battle with AMD’s 3rd Generation Ryzen CPUs isn’t clear – it could still be on the cards, but what seems more certain is that we’ll have to wait till the end of 2019 to see anything significantly new from Intel. That said, a 10-core desktop CPU could certainly give 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs a run for their money, given how dominant the Core i9-9900K is right now.

With Sunny Cove, though, Intel is planning its main assault and with both an architectural redesign and smaller manufacturing process, it’s aiming at a ‘tick’ and ‘tock’ in the same move, which could dramatically increase performance. AMD will certainly steal much of the limelight in the first half of 2018 with both new Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs due at some point. However, to dismiss Intel as having lost the CPU war is to forget what happened the last time the blue team was on the back foot.

Release date: Intel has indicated that Sunny Cove 10nm CPUs are on track for a late 2019 launch, but there’s still a possibility that more 14nm Coffee Lake-based CPUs will be launched in the meantime, both increasing the maximum core count from 8 to 10, and also adding to the range below the Core i5-9600K.

Nvidia RTX 2060 and GTX 1160

Nvidia can certainly be proud of what it has achieved with the RTX series, both in terms of AI, but more importantly for PC enthusiasts, in pushing the envelope of PC game graphics – something that’s been expanding at ever slower rates. Sadly, the cost of the RTX series and an obsession with frame rates has meant these feats have got a bit lost in a sea of complaints. Ironically, it’s the prowess of Nvidia’s own GTX 1000-series Pascal GPUs that has lead to this mixed reception, but the company seems to be aware of this, at least in the mid-range, with the latest rumors pointing at a GTX 1160 GPU.

Nvidia GeForce RTZ 2080 Ti – ANTONY LEATHER

Designed to offer decent frame rate boosts, but without the expense of adding ray tracing support, the GTX 1160 could offer much better value than the RTX 2060, and offer some competition to AMD’s Navi GPUs too, especially if you’re more concerned with frame rates than the latest visual tweaks. The RTX 2060 will be the cheapest ray tracing-enabled card, but a lot will depend, as always, on price. Early leaks show performance in the region of GTX 1070 levels, with some showing nearer GTX 1070 Ti performance, but clearly, if you can buy the GTX 1070 for less, the value proposition here might still end up being questionable.

Release date: The RTX 2060 is expected early in 2019, but the GTX 1160 is still uncertain

That’s it from me for 2018 and don’t forget to follow me at the social media outlets below for all the latest PC hardware news and reviews in 2019.

Article Source by Antony Leather : https://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2018/12/31/top-five-pc-hardware-launches-to-watch-out-for-in-2019/#2d87c1f83b03

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